PEZHAPPYOn love and joy: Like most baby boomers I grew up believing I could have it all. A successful career, family, house in the suburbs, travel, and Gucci in my closet.I wanted all that and more, more, more!  Now that I just turned 60,  I look back and laugh at all that wanting. It’s true I believed the getting would make me happy, and it did for a while. But I discovered that kind of happiness was as short lived as my platform shoes. I discovered the only happiness that was lasting came from love.  Lucky for me, God blessed me with two sons to teach me about love. Loving them introduced me to my own heart and how much love it was capable of, something I worried about with my own childhood fraught with abandonment  and abuse. Raising my sons alone has been a wild ride filled with fear, uncertainty, frustration but it has also birthed a love that has conquered every difficulty thrown our way. Loving them gave birth to joy, a word that wasn’t in my vocabulary before children. I’ve learned joy is even better than happiness! Joy is happiness on steroids. And, it doesn’t go out of style. It looks great whether I wear it with jeans or a little black dress….

Be back soon - my ride's here and I'm off on an adventure!On attitude: I’ve learned that living in the moment beats the heck out of worrying about tomorrow and that waiting can be a good thing because it’s in the waiting where life surprises me most. I don’t think fun is ever over rated and I don’t question miracles. Instead I look for them with mature eyes that continue to hunger for the same  wonder that delighted me as a child. I never look down no matter what life throws me because when I Iook up, I see possibilities in the endless sky and I’m reminded of the greatness and beauty that is God.

And, here I am on my 60th birthday celebrating my first book!